Africa just outside Toulouse


Animals and spectacular sights

What if we told you that Africa really isn't very far away ?

It's in Plaisance du Touch, only 15kms from Toulouse that you can find a fragment of the cradle of humanity (Africa) in the Zoo African Safari, where there are more than 600 animals representing 80 different species.

The visit is made up of two parts : you drive through the African Reserve just as though you were on safari, amongst all kinds of African animals such as gnus, zebras, elands etc.. then you walk through a zone where a number of other species live : monkeys, giraffes, red pandas...


The African reserve

Straight away, you'll get the impression that you're in a little African village, with the souvenir shops and ticket office in a hut, built as a traditional African house : then there's a proper animal park where the flora and fauna take centre stage with, in particular, a really very amusing sea-lion show.

A marvellous show of owls and parrots will charm you to bits in the shade of some very old trees.

The park is quite extensive, so we advise you to allow a good half day, or even more. Also, equip yourself with water and a picnic if you need one, and you'll find several spots equipped with tables, plus a cafeteria, if you want to take the weight off your feet.